Alternative summer fashion guide

When it comes to summer what is the first thing that comes into mind? “The sun!” “Heat” “It’s England, of course it’s not all going to a sun filled couple of months!” Whilst the last comment is correct, the optimistic bunch of us are swapping our knee length coats hung up in our wardrobe with […]

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Monster Vol. 1 – manga review

PLOT The year is 1986 and Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese genius surgeon working in post-Cold War Germany, has a bright future admired by his colleagues, loved by his patients, and due to marry his boss’ daughter, Eva Heinemann. Doctor Tenma is faced with a decision…saving an orphaned boy’s life or save the mayor of Dusseldorf, […]

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Art collection

How many times have I said I’ll update this blog regularly? As much as I try, life always seems to get in the way and then…BAM. It’s been a few weeks since my last post. Bad Matt. Anyhow, here are the last few art pieces I have done. Hope you like.   Kirito and Asuna […]

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Where do the weekends go?

Last weekend was one spent with a close friend and family time. Saturday saw me reunited with Yasemin, someone who I used to live with at university. I remember the very moment like it happened 10 minutes ago. There I was, a fresh faced 19 year old, a bag of nerves as I moved into […]

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Three cheers for five years

Last Sunday ended the week nicely. Newman, his girlfriend Jenna, and Dan drove down to Crawley to check out my new gaff. Gaff…such a British word, I feel like no one else in the world could possibly know what on earth that word means. I showed Dan around the flat before chilling on the sofa […]

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Buff-Man and Spin Binder Girl

The good thing about having a hectic and stressful week at work is that it makes you look forward to the weekend that much more. Whilst I’m a person that doesn’t really deal with stress (I’ve become pretty good at seeing the best in a bad situation), this week at work was mayhem…to say the […]

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Latest two work magazines

Work has been SO hectic as of late. With short monthly magazine deadlines, and running the sister website of the company, it feels like there’s very little time to do much else. By the time the evening comes my life doesn’t get any more exciting than sketching, on the PS4 or plonking my butt on […]

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