Where the anime love started

Love is a strong word. It’s a word that takes so much courage to say, yet in today’s society it’s often thrown around as easy as a baseball player throws a ball. Even when I say I love a movie or a TV series I think carefully about. But hey, that’s just me. One thing […]

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It’s Fairy Tail time!

I’ve never watch an episode of the anime Fairy Tail before, but I’m now one step closer…I have Season 1 on DVD! In the anime and manga world it is known as one of the best, so I can’t wait to take a place on my sofa and start the adventure. Already addicted to the […]

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Neji Hyuga sketch

I really need to get back into Naruto Shippuden. I haven’t watched it in so long. Whilst waiting for a bunch of new pens to arrive I decided to do a quick sketch of one of my favourite characters from the show; Neji Hyuga. Click here to watch a time-lapse vid of the sketch.

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Art collection

How many times have I said I’ll update this blog regularly? As much as I try, life always seems to get in the way and then…BAM. It’s been a few weeks since my last post. Bad Matt. Anyhow, here are the last few art pieces I have done. Hope you like.   Kirito and Asuna […]

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Sketchy Mc’Sketch

A couple of sketches of mine that I have completed. One is the finished drawing of Naruto’s late parents and the other is a shadow sketch of Sasuke. I’m yet to buy a printer since moving out, so I haven’t been able to scan the original versions to create a final version. Here they are […]

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