Neji Hyuga sketch

I really need to get back into Naruto Shippuden. I haven’t watched it in so long. Whilst waiting for a bunch of new pens to arrive I decided to do a quick sketch of one of my favourite characters from the show; Neji Hyuga. Click here to watch a time-lapse vid of the sketch. Advertisements

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Beaulieu’s super weekend

The following is a write up of Beaulieu’s Supercar Event I covered for the magazine last month. Hope you enjoy. Over the summer there are many car events aimed to take advantage of the weather and showcase some of the best vehicles on offer. Beaulieu’s Supercar Weekend was no different. It was a two-day event […]

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Train to Busan – review

PLOT  Sok-woo, A father with not much time for his daughter, Soo-ahn, promises his daughter that he would take her to her mother for her birthday. Whilst on the KTX, a fast train that shall bring them from Seoul to Busan, their stress free journey soon becomes very, well, stressful. The apocalypse begins, most of […]

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Driving Instructor Magazines

“All I do is work…work…work” Did I actually just quote a Rihanna song? At least I think it’s Rihanna that sung that song. Anyway, work has had me insanely busy as if late so have been unable to write anything for this blog. *insert sad face emoji* So in the meantime I decided to upload […]

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