Yami Yugi sketch + YouTube time-lapse vid

Who grew up absolutely loving Yu-Gi-Oh?

Put your hands up!

I did. I remember every Saturday morning watching the adventures of Yugi as he battles his way to becoming the greatest duel monsters player in the world. In fact, along with Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh was my first introduction to anime which lead to an obsession with with Japanese animation industry and a very large manga collection that only keeps rising.

I decided to sketch Yami Yugi – the personal little Yugi transforms into when he releases the power of his millennium puzzle.

Also, I decided to create a YouTube channel to upload the time-lapse vids. I’m doing it more for myself, so I have a place to watch the vids and build the collection and what not. Even if I get one or two comments or followers then that’s an added bonus I guess.

CLICK HERE to see the YouTube vid of Yami Yugi


Yami Yugi


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