Alternative summer fashion guide

When it comes to summer what is the first thing that comes into mind?

“The sun!”


“It’s England, of course it’s not all going to a sun filled couple of months!”

Whilst the last comment is correct, the optimistic bunch of us are swapping our knee length coats hung up in our wardrobe with vests, t-shirts and shorts. But if you’re like me and as you walk through the women’s clothes department making your way to the stairs to get to the men’s clothing, a feeling of jealousy will soon strike.

How comes women have a choice of what seems like an unlimited amount of ideas on how to dress for the summer, whilst us guys don’t have much else from the standard t-shirt and shorts look?

I often find myself wondering what to wear in July when the sun is fully out and I don’t want to spend the day complaining that I’m too hot.

If your style mimics one of a traditional rock star, or you feel like you dress like a lot of the bands that occupy your Spotify recently played list, much like myself your wardrobe doesn’t consist of many other colours than black and white.

Well don’t sweat fellas! Unintentional pun right there…

I have created a small summer guide for rock inspired fashion to be taken advantage off during the British summer.

1 – Go sleeveless


Whether your a regular gym goer, a casual pumping iron at home once a week or a sofa movie loving kind of guy it’s time to get those guns out. I’ll admit I didn’t start sporting sleeveless tops until I got my very first tattoo back in the day (always got to show off fresh ink), but in the summer heat my body has thanked me for it.

You’d be surprised with various styles of sleeveless tops you can purchase. If you want a street style look try going for a basketball jersey or a ripped vest. If you want the more scrubbed up look then your high street fashion store should offer plenty in the summer months.

If you want to go for a slightly different look, why not a sleeveless hoody? Though it might be best to stay away from ones that have a thick inner material as you’ll find yourself sweating buckets, even if it is sleeveless.

Unisex Eat Fast Tank Top – £25 –


Toronto Raptors basketball jersey – £25.99
Printed Tank Top – £8.99 – H&M


2 – Bring on those shorts!


I’ve never really been one for shorts. Growing up I was always the teenager who would wear nothing but jeans. On the rare occasions where shorts were the only option, then I wouldn’t wear anything that came above my knees.

Now that I’m 27 I’d like to say that’s all changed…but all that’s changed is that the shorts now only have to cover up half of the knee. Dramatic change I know.

I like to keep my shorts simple. Either black denim, or cotton. If you want to get a little bit more experimental but don’t want to be “too out there” then there’s plenty of low design inspired shorts out there. You won’t find much of these types in your high street stores, so get your online shopping time planned.

RAIZ Shorts – £20.93 –


nike shorts
Nike Jersey Shorts – £21.50 –
Shorts RI
Ripped Denim Shorts – £32 – River Island


3 – Keeping it fresh with your kicks

TTC x Converse

With the summer heat offering more of your skin on show, your footwear becomes even more important. As you show off your shorts and tanned (well in my case a slightly less pale) legs, people will be drawn to what’s on your feet.

For most in the summer, less can mean more but for me you can never get me out of my high tops. I think they look great in the summer and match well with any type shorts and for the rainy days that are common in a British summer they won’t look out of place.

Since I keep the clothing at times minimal with design, trainers are the area I like to go big and bold. If they are eye catching and look different to what everyone else is wearing then they are a winner in my eyes,

Chuck Taylor All Star Graffiti – £110 – 
Vans Hi – £60 – schuh
Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Essential – £110 – JD Sports

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