Where do the weekends go?

Last weekend was one spent with a close friend and family time.

Saturday saw me reunited with Yasemin, someone who I used to live with at university. I remember the very moment like it happened 10 minutes ago. There I was, a fresh faced 19 year old, a bag of nerves as I moved into student halls.

After meeting 4 other block mates who I would be sharing a kitchen with for the year, in came the fifth with two girls, one of them being Yas.

After sharing freshers week together every night, our block became close and would all spend an awesome year together. When it came to moving out of student housing as we entered our second year at the University of Portsmouth, Yas was one of the four people I would be sharing a house with for the next two years.

What an amazing three years it was a uni.


Fast forward nine years (NINE YEARS?!? How has time gone by that quickly?!?) and here we are today, very good friends still. We don’t get to meet up as much as I’d like, but it’s always such a nice time when we do.

We often reminisce about the days we were young adults acting like teens and have a good catch up on where life has taken us since we last met up. Yas is one of those people who wouldn’t hurt a fly. In fact, she would probably save a spider from a horribly crushing death and release it back in the wild.

It feels me with a warm feeling inside when I hear how well she is doing and how life is treating her just right.

On Saturday she came to Crawley to see my new flat. I met her at the station, gave her a welcoming hug and we both walked into the high street under the glorious spring sun. After a nice walk and a trip to Morrison’s to get some lunch, we took a walk back to my place.

We had a very chilled afternoon at mine, one that felt so good to catch up with a close friend. We were going to go to Tilgate Park, a beautiful lake filled park near where I live, but by late afternoon the weather took a chilly turn, so decided to walk back to the station. We said our farewells after a very lovely day spent with a very lovely girl.


Sunday soon arrived and it was my mum’s birthday, as well as Mother’s Day. Also, the clocks went forward an hour in the night to welcome in Spring, so my mum felt very hard done by this year!

Me and my older brother arrived at our parents house with gifts, flowers and chocolates in hand. After watching mum open her gifts, we took a trip to Greenwich Park taking advantage of the beautiful weather. It isn’t often we get to spend time all together, so it was a treat spending time with my parents and brother.

We took a leisurely walk through the park, and then headed off to Greenwich Market, which…was…PACKED. Understandable, since the weather was so nice that people would be out soaking in the rays.

My brother runs his own website (click here to check it out!) selling digital prints that he makes, and recently has been approached by a gallery in Greenwich Market to showcase some of his work. We visited the gallery and it was easy to see why they would want his work. There artwork they sell is all based on pop culture, music and films, so Craig’s work would fit in there perfectly!

After a walk through the busy market we stopped off to get some sandwiches and went back to the park to enjoy them. As we relaxed in the park, our bellies now full, it was time to leave.


The weekend was once again a good one and, like always, it went by waaaaaaay too quickly.

This weekend was another packed one and a three-day weekend for yours truly. It sounds weird when people say that, ‘yours truly’. As if they’re royalty or something.

Saturday I was heading back to Croydon to pay the parents a visit. Once I got to East Croydon I decided to take a wander around the shops to see what’s about these days. I don’t particularly like shopping, every store seems to sell the exact same style of clothing.

I finished with some awesome Marvel themed socks and new pairs of boxers. Exciting times.

Before heading to my parents place I thought I’d explore the new Boxpark that arrived in Croydon a few months back. It seemed pretty cool, but mostly just restaurants. The rest of the day I spend chilling with my parents, soaking up the rays of the sun on this beautiful day and working on a commission art piece.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Sunday rolled around and after an evening of watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (it’s pretty decent for sure!), it was another chilled day watching ice hockey and once again, loving the weather.

Evening came and it was time to get my butt to the pub for a roast dinner. Dan picked me up and we met Ash and Jenna at the place. It’s always a laugh when we’re together. It was me and Dan’s 7th date at the carvery, so we were in high spirits. Long story short, whenever we go for a carvery me and Dan always seem to end up on a table sitting opposite each other, which leads to each other sharing desert (see photo below haha).

After waiting around 45 minutes for our pre-booked table to be available, it’s safe to say that are belly’s were ready for food! My gravy-less roast was pretty tasty (they had run out…terrible right?), and before we knew it, we had been there for two and a half hours!


We spoke about pretty much everything and had a laugh. Dan is off to Amsterdam today, whilst Ash and Jenna were talking about their trip to Chicago. It’s definitely giving me the urge to want to travel again. On my list is Tokyo and Stockholm. Tokyo is going to cost a lot of pennies, which will take time to save up. I’m not very good at saving…not very good at all.

On the other hand Stockholm will be a lot more affordable and the NHL are having 2 games over there in early November, which I’m tempted to go and see. Why can’t I be rich?


Monday was Wrestlemania time. With the day off, I had an appointment for the doctors in the morning and then heading over to Marco’s to watch Mania in the afternoon. Like with every WWE main event we had pizza on order and we were making our Wrestlemania predictions, where we do what we do every time. Big it up to the point that disappointment is the only result. Oh WWE…

So it turned out Wrestlemania was actually pretty good. It was sad to see Taker fight his last match, but it’s definitely time. It made me feel old seeing Kurt Angle enter the hall of fame, I grew up watching his career!

But what made night was…drum roll please…THE RETURN OF THE HARDY BOYZ!!!

Growing up the Hardy’s were my all time favourites. I loved watching Jeff Hardy put his body on the line every single night. To say I had goosebumps when their music hit is an understatement.



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