Three cheers for five years

Last Sunday ended the week nicely.

Newman, his girlfriend Jenna, and Dan drove down to Crawley to check out my new gaff. Gaff…such a British word, I feel like no one else in the world could possibly know what on earth that word means.

I showed Dan around the flat before chilling on the sofa to catch up. I’ve been friends with Dan and Newman since our secondary school days at Langley, so it was so awesome to catch up. It was the first time I’ve seen Dan in what feels like an age. I was thinking to myself that neither of us have changed since the school days, which worryingly enough was 10 years ago since we left.

Maybe it’s a bad thing we haven’t changed much since our teen days. Oh sod it, it’s totally awesome that we haven’t!

With our stomaches starting to create some of the conversation, we decided to jump in the car and head to Nando’s.

Half a chicken with chips and garlic bread. You can never go wrong with that combination.

Once we got back to my place, me, Newman and Dan began to have a few games of Fifa. It always provides a few laughs, mostly from Dan adopting the “if the opposing striker is 1-on-1 with the goalie, take him out and take the red card” approach to his game.

Whilst Newman and Dan continued to play, I gave Jenna a lesson in WordPress. She’s a writer and editor, and wants to start blogging.

As evening approached, it was time to say goodbye. It was such a lovely way to finish off the weekend and to get in a good mood as a new working week approached.


It was the sort of week I liked about work…4 days working and one day booked off. I kid (kinda), but it was the start of next month’s magazine. I had planned the monthly editorial meeting, where I had handouts, two pages of article ideas and was a man on a mission to make this month’s magazine a good one.

Thursday came around in a flash, and it was my day off! It was Lauren’s birthday the day after, so I was meeting her London Bridge to then go back to hers and have a movie watching, cake making, and treat eating kind of day.

As I walked across the bridge, I could see Lauren waiting. We took a trip to Tesco to stock up on treats, get a pizza and ingredients to make cupcakes. Our shopping bag looked like it belonged to two people who weigh about 20 stone. It’s surprising that I don’t really.

After picking up sweets, cake mixtures and the worlds largest pizza that was so big it barely fit in a bag for life, we made it to Lauren’s place. My word, was it an amazing apartment. It was already incredible in my mind when I saw that she had a connoisseur in the main lobby. All I have is a little black and white cat to greet me every now and then when I reach my building.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 19.46.50

As we walked through another set of doors, her apartment building got better. There was an indoor garden that also had a water feature (at least I think it was a water feature, it wasn’t turned on) all under a clear roof. I was already trying to come up with a devious plan to lock Lauren out of her apartment and claim it for myself.

We walked through the front door of her place and it instantly had a homely feel to it. The layout was similar to my place, but she had a balcony connected to her living room where she has lights wrapped around the top bar of the fence. Well, maybe fence isn’t the best word to describe it as. It’s the part of the balcony that protects you from, how to put it nicely, falling to your death onto the pavement below…

We relaxed on the sofa watching an episode of First Dates when I was greeted by such an adorable little cat. Her name was Padme, a very shy cat who I made it my mission to like me. According to Lauren, she normally hides in the bedroom when she has people over so the fact that she came out I’ll take it as a compliment.

I gave her my perfectly wrapped birthday presents (I make sure they are impossible to open) that consisted a Star Wars book, and a Darth Vader drawing I did for her. Unfortunately, the Star Wars book I got her was #3 of a trilogy. A trilogy that she was yet to read #1 in. Oops. I was so nervous to give her the drawing, in case she absolutely hated it or she thought it was lame. I had put it in a frame before wrapping it. Luckily she loved it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 19.48.56

After a chat on the sofa, and starting on our pack of Haribo, it was cake making time!

We started off by mixing a few of the ingredients, not knowing how much of each we needed. We were already thinking that perhaps we were highly ambitious thinking we could bake cupcakes, and this was before we had even started!

Click here to see the video of our cake making skills.

Like everything else with Lauren, it was such a laugh to bake cupcakes with her. We get on so well that whatever we do when we see each other, it’s always such a fun day.

We started to watch the anime Ghost in the Shell, but to be honest we wasn’t paying much attention to it. With a mix of chatting, laughing, playing with Padme, and making sure our cake baking wasn’t to be a total waste by burning them, before we knew it the movie was over.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 19.52.22

All of a sudden, it was time. The moment we had both been waiting for…

Oh yes, it was time to get the cupcakes out of the over.

Now excuse me for being a little big headed here, but my lord did they look amazing! We were so pleased with ourselves…to say the least.

We then made the icing chocolate icing, poured it over the chocolate cupcakes and sprinkled the Star Wars sprinkles over each and every one. We placed each of the decorated cupcakes on the dining room table and strategically placed the happy birthday candles so that each cupcake represented a letter. With a mighty blow, Lauren blew out every single flame on each of the cupcakes that were in a single file. Well, except for one that was a right bastard and decided not to go out. Silly cupcake.

The rest of the day consisted of eating the cupcakes, the giant pizza, our pack of Haribo and enjoying a Bailey’s hot chocolate, as we spent the day comfy on the sofa.

Evening came and I wondered how I was going to muster the effort to carry my expanding belly all the way back home.

Click here to see the cupcake making in process! Longer version of the vid coming shortly 🙂


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