Buff-Man and Spin Binder Girl

The good thing about having a hectic and stressful week at work is that it makes you look forward to the weekend that much more.

Whilst I’m a person that doesn’t really deal with stress (I’ve become pretty good at seeing the best in a bad situation), this week at work was mayhem…to say the least. It was deadline week, which meant that Monday to Friday all morphed into one incredibly long day. Arriving at work at 7.30 every morning meant that I didn’t have much of an exciting life last week outside of work.

But alas!

This weekend I had a pretty incredible one planned.


It started off by going back to my parents house to pay them a visit (and also get a home cooked toad in a hole dinner, can’t go wrong!). It’s always good to catch up with the ‘rents’ and spend a relaxing evening on a comfy sofa watching a hockey game and having a Big Bang Theory marathon.

After a night in the most comfiest bed ever, it was time for an early start to begin my pretty packed weekend. I was meeting my friend Katie at Charing X at 10am. I turned up about 20 minutes early, so decided to take a little wander towards Trafalgar Square and take a few photos of the awesome architecture London has to offer.

When I saw a girl dressed in all black and colourful eye makeup on walking in the distance, I knew that could only be one person. With me sporting my black jeans, black hoody and grey denim sleeveless jacket people must think we know no other colour than the tones we were sporting.


We walked towards Soho planning to get breakfast at a restaurant called The Breakfast Club. Neither of us had ever experienced The Breakfast Club, but knew it had a good reputation. As it turned out, it had a VERY good reputation. The cue just to get in the restaurant was going down the street. We decided to take a different option.

We later settled for Prett. Me with a hot chocolate and chocolate croissant (I was in a chocolatey mood) and Katie going with the more healthier option of a salad and a coffee to wash it down with.

As soon as we sat down at a table I couldn’t help but have a peek in the Anaheim Ducks orange bag she gave me bringing back presents from her trip to California. I was so pumped when I saw the Lindholm personalised Ducks third jersey! I’ll be donning the Mighty Ducks logo around London with pride. In the bag was also an awesome ‘Ducks Hockey’ baseball cap. I did well to say the least.


We had a little catch up and spoke a lot about Instagram. I’m not sure if ‘Instagram famous’ is a thing, but if it is then it’s safe to say that Katie is exactly that. She runs her own makeup page with over 105,000 followers. It was interesting to hear her talk about when the best time to post is. She gets most of her ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ posting around 9pm and weekday evenings seem more popular than weekends.

She went on to talk about the YouTube channel she has recently set up and how she has makeup brands send her products to use. It makes sense, it’s basically free advertising for brands to send popular social media users their products.

As it was approaching midday, we took a walk to Leicester Square where I was meeting Lauren.


After saying goodbye to Katie, me and Lauren went to a local cafe near by that was a short walk away. With my belly full from the croissant, I settled for just an orange juice whilst Lauren had a hot chocolate and a cream cheese bagel that didn’t look advertising at all. Since we only saw each other the previous week on a day out in Shoreditch, we shared how our week went and just continued to have a laugh.

Lauren is one of those people where we don’t run out of things to talk about. There’s never an awkward silence. We share the exact same sense of humour, so I’m guaranteed to be smiling for the whole time I’m around her. I think we all need a friend like that in our life.

After paying the waitress who we were convinced wanted to kill us, we had a bit of time to kill before the theatre show started. We took a walk around Soho and decided to pay Forbidden Planet a visit. This is always bad news for my bank account. We walked out of the store, me with 3 manga novels and Lauren with a Harry Potter oyster card holder she got for her mum. We then decided to get some treats to have during the show, and settled on sharing a bag of chocolates.

We made it to the theatre that was showing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and collected our tickets. Not before I tripped over the step to get into the building. That’s me being the cool person that I am.

With the tickets in our hand, we went outside to snap a few photos before heading to our designated entrance. The theatre was beautiful. It had a very old fashioned look to its aesthetic, which I absolutely loved! Every bit of detail the building held looked as though it had been carefully hand painted to perfection.


As we stood upstairs on the balcony and joked whether we could drop an M&M into the peoples drinks below us, it was time to take our seats. After playing chocolate roulette, both in hopes of pulling out a Munchie, the show was about to begin.

This was my second time seeing Curious and loved it just as much as the first! Lauren absolutely loved it too, so I’m glad I didn’t let her down. The show stops showing in June so I suggest to everyone to go and see it before it finishes!


After it had finished I took Lauren to one of my favourite restaurants of all time, Fire & Stone. It’s a gourmet pizza place in Covent Garden. So yummy. I felt like the waiter judged us and our choice to go for the ‘Naples’ pizza, which was basically a margarita. I don’t think I’ve actually tried any other option, the Naples is that tasty. With the pizza we also had cocktails! I have no idea what mine was called but it was very lemony and vodka…ly, while Lauren had one that tasted like a glass of coffee.

With our bellies full of garlic bread and pizza, it was time to call it a day. We walked back to London Bridge and then went our separate ways. Today alone made up for the heavy workload during the week and Sunday it was time to hang out with a few more friends, making this weekend a pretty damn good one!


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