I’m back in the Etsy universe

Ladies and gentlemen if you could put on your Sunday bests and all gather in the town hall I have an announcement to make…

I’m back on Etsy!

I decided to put a bunch of my sketches on there to see if anyone around the world would be interested in purchasing some prints. I plan on putting a whole lot more on there when I find the time to do so. Silly hectic life as of late.

Already have my first sale so…score!

I decided to sell A5 and A4 size prints simply because they’re easier for me to print and ship. A lot of my sketches are of manga and anime of course, but I’ve got a few that aren’t.

I will be taking commission requests and post most of my art stuff on Instagram so feel free to give me a follow…


So why not take a little time out of your day and check out my Etsy store? And who knows, maybe you’ll want to make a purchase.




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