Good times, big smiles and exploring

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a whole lot of posts life has been non-stop since the turn to 2017.

I very rarely make new years resolutions, in fact when I say rarely I mostly mean…never. I always have a long list of things I want to get done and I’m the sort of person who would just get on with it and get them done.

Though coming into 2017 I had one particular goal in mind. Move out.

By January 14 I had made this happen.

Now what do I do with the rest of the year?

Since moving I haven’t had a weekend where I’ve done nothing. I like keeping busy and whatnot, so the only areas I’ve explored in my new town of residence is the walk to the office and the main town centre. And Nandos.

I’m waiting for the chilly British winter to disappear and spring to arrive so I can explore the big parks that I now find around me.


My weekends have been spent seeing family and hanging out with friends, showing them the new gaff and continued exploration of a place I like to refer to as my own. London. The amazing thing about London is that you can never say you’ve seen all of it. Even though I grew up around London, there’s still a lot of it that is left to be explored.

Part of London I had the pleasure to explore is Crystal Palace. I’ve been to Palace a few times as it’s not too far from where I grew up, but it had been a while. Amy, a South African girl who I once worked with, showed me the wonders of the place.

It was a very cold afternoon when I made my way on the train. It was the sort of weather where you look out of the window to see the low sun that shines its beauty on the earth that makes you think, “wow, what a beautiful day. Looks like I won’t need my jacket out today.”

Here’s a word of advice. Open the window to assess the weather before deciding you need less layers.


Anyway, I met Amy at the station where she took me to one of her favourite coffee shops. It was a small shop in the station with a heavy vintage feel to it. We both had a bacon butty along with a cold lemonade to wash it down with. I wouldn’t be my clumsy self if I didn’t manage to spill some down myself. I didn’t disappoint as I began to dry my hoody with some napkins.

After we picked up a hot chocolate to go, my tour of Crystal Palace park began. I was promised dinosaurs is what I got. Whilst it wasn’t quite the scene from Jurassic Park I had in my head, the hand painted statues were pretty impressive. They were spread all across the park where some occupied the fields and others in the lakes.


A part of me were hoping that they’d come to life. Another park of me worried that they would.

After we slowly walked around the park catching up with each others lives, we made our way to the city centre where more charm was oozing out of Crystal Palace.

With vintage clothes stores, little antique shops and a whole high street filled with independent restaurants, it’s a town I really wish most English towns were like. I miss the time where British high streets all had their own special touch. You get a very unique feeling as you visit the small shops and see all of the worldly foods you have a choice from. Don’t change Crystal Palace, don’t change.


(in the photo above the plan was to act scared of the dinosaur that was towering above us. Only one of us did this. I’ll let you guess which one…)

We finished off the afternoon/evening by going back to Amy’s place and chilled having a couple of glasses of Southern Comfort and Coke whilst watch an Amazon TV show we have both built an addiction for, The Man in the High Castle.

It got to about 10pm before I made my way to another friends house for a mini Super Bowl party. Needless to say I was very tired the next day.


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