Sakura Haruno sketch…believe it!

I have finally been able to purchase a pink marker to finish of my Sakura Haruno sketch!

The more I use Copic pens, the more I’m loving them. Still, I prefer to use Pro Markers but the Copic pens have such a nice look to them. Especially when doing skin tones.

I added a thick border around Sakura because I plan to do a collage effect around her similar to what I did in this Kaneki sketch…


I need to purchase the next part of the Naruto Shippuden box set I’m on, but I have a very strange feeling it’s going to be full of filler episodes. Seriously Naruto stop with all the fillers!!!

Anyhow, here’s my Sakura sketch and click here to see the time-lapse vid to go with it.




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