Update on life…I’m a head editor of a magazine!

I’m now a head editor!

Can I get a WOOP  WOOP?!

…pauses to hear all the woop woops…

Deciding to go back to my old workplace to temp has proved to be a very good decision. It was originally agreed that I’d temp there doing my old role of mail order manager and contributing articles to the company’s sister news site and the monthly magazine.

Two weeks later, I have a meeting with the bosses and I’m asked if I would like to take the head editors role for the magazine.

Guess what I said…HELL YEAH!

I now find myself as magazine editor and have complete control of the sister site as mentioned earlier. In fact click here to go to the website.

I was definitely thrown into the deep end from the get go. I had a week and a half to come up with the theme for Novembers issue as well as the features to be included and to discover how things were done. Since the previous editor had already left, I had pretty much work all these things out myself. I also had a week and a half to work on Decembers issue.

Anyhow, since I have complete control (well I have to liaise with the CEO of the company) I get to change anything I want…pretty much. Come New Year, I want to give the magazine a complete makeover.

With this and the months of November and December issuing their usual busy schedule, life has been hectic. Here’s the couple of photo’s and video’s .













Here are two random vids here…and here


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