The London Chocolate Show and taking in some art

It was that time of year once again. A time where you could stuff your face with chocolate all day long and not be judged by the ones around you that were doing the exact same thing.

Yes, it was time to pay a visit to The London Chocolate Show.


After lining our stomachs with a tasty Nando’s down Kessington High Street beforehand we found ourselves in a short cue ready to pay the £15 entrance fee into the wonderful land filled with all sorts of chocolate you could imagine. There was dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate that was so creamy you instantly wanted more and chocolate that made you wonder how it could taste the way it did. I’m beginning to sound like Willy Wonka.

*opens eBay to find a long bright purple coat and a glittery cane*


When we walked into the main space the whole thing looked like a maze. The layout was bizarre with no real direction to head so we took the ‘walk about and see what we come across’ approach. The show offered a wide range of chocolate related products – from super fancy higher class chocolate to the more independent makers where you could talk to the creators themselves who always seemed delighted to answer any questions you may have had.

However, past the samples of chocolate tasting, a panel conversation that seemed a little dull and for some reason a performance from a mariachi style band, the convention didn’t have much more to offer. I recommend taking a bottle of water with you because once you taste a chocolate that doesn’t agree with your taste buds then that taste will ruin many other chocolate that you will taste after.


It was great to see and taste chocolates from all over the world with a personal favourite of mine named LAND, original milk chocolate from Venezuela.

It was a little disappointing that there were no hot chocolate stands. I was hoping to be able to sip on a tasty and extremely fattening white hot chocolate whilst munching on a warm chocolate brownie. The latter was also unavailable at the convention.


After leaving the chocolate show and geeking out in a couple of comic book stores around the Soho area we decided to go to an art gallery my friend had been wanting to visit. The little studio showcased artwork of the two young guys that owned it. The theme at the moment seemed to be oil paintings on a canvas that portrayed an abstract sort of the human face.

It was pretty incredible how the artists made the technique of getting a huge load of paint and a big paintbrush and go through what looked like an enormous amount of bottles to conduct their work. There was something about seeing the big clumps of paint left on each piece of art that made you really want to touch it. Of course, I restrained.


Heading our way down the stairs we then walked into a dark and deserted room with a ladder in the corner that led to a squared loft hatch. After recently watching Stranger Things I was a little worried as to what we might have come across being down here. Luckily there was only big pieces of art on display that ranged from digital images of moving skeletons of Micheal Jackson and a barbie doll made to look like Marilyn Monroe where at one angle she was in a black short dress and at another that dress had disappeared.

After a long day on our feet we decided to visit a bar, get some food and end our day with a glass of Strawberry & Lime Rekorderlig. Well, make that two glasses.


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