Back in the UK. Thank you for the amazing experience NZ

Right now I’m sitting in Hong Kong airport with a delicious cup of hot chocolate in one hand, trying to make up for the lack of typing in the other hand.

Ok, so that is now a lie. That all happened, but before I was able to finish this post I was rudely interrupted by the call that plane was boarding…

Yes I am now back in London.

This is based on a few things really which I won’t bore anyone who reads this with, but it’s a decision I feel very comfortable with. The original idea was to stay in New Zealand for the year with my working visa. However, my feeling changed whilst I was there. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED exploring New Zealand and loved every city and town I visited within the last month, but I didn’t get that feeling that I wanted to stay and settle.

Looking back I think that Wellington was my favourite place I saw. I spent a little time applying for jobs and what not, but again I didn’t get that urge or desire or whatever you call it, that I wanted to settle down there.

The job scene is more competitive than it was made out to be and felt similar to London where you can apply to ten jobs a day and not get anywhere. I soon discovered that I could probably have done with saving up a little more had I known this. That was when I decided I wanted to use my money to explore as much of this beautiful country that I could.

I didn’t want to spend the money in one place, struggling to find employment and missing out on the opportunity to go on an adventure.

Writing these blogs has certified the feeling in me that I would love to write full time. Now that my adventure in New Zealand has come to an end, I’m on a mission to find a full time writing gig.

When I first decided to explore as much as my bank balance allowed me, in a way I thought this was me failing. But to be honest I’m frikin’ proud of myself. OK, so the planned year turned into a month, but to pack up everything back in London and go on a journey that is more than half the world away is something I’m proud of. I think it shows how much I have grown as a person now that I’m 27 (sad face for the oldness). Five years ago I don’t think I’d probably have been able to do this. Definitely not on my own.

I loved this month exploring and is something I’ll never forget. It was amazing to experience the different cultures and has made me want to explore other places.

Next stop.

Tokyo…or Stockholm…or Helsinki……


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