Exploring art in Christchurch and on the road to Akaroa

I’m pretty sure the rain here hasn’t stopped for the past week. When I’m walking my London pace down the streets of Christchurch I feel like people are looking at me thinking “this kid is crazy.” When I say kid, that’s probably me trying to convince myself that I’m not in my late twenties.

With my newly purchased bargain of a jacket zipped up to below my chin, I was standing outside of the office in the motel I’m currently at in a little town called Akaroa waiting for a man to check that the cleaner was finished in my room.

He walked out stating, “why on earth are you waiting outside, feel free to go into the office.”

My reply was simply, “I’m British.”

The guy responded with an understanding look on his face.


My time in Christchurch was awesome. I loved exploring the city. I mentioned a lot of this is my last post, but I adore its celebration of art and all things different. There was a lot more to do in Christchurch than I first thought considering the impact an earthquake had on the place not too long ago. I would love to see Christchurch in 10 or so years time, once all the construction and rebuilding has been completed I predict that Christchurch will become the place to be in New Zealand.

I return to Christchurch in two days time just for a couple of days before I fly back to Auckland. My last day in the town was spent on a shopping trip where my thought of New Zealand being an expensive place reassured once I found an awesome black baseball jersey with the Mighty Ducks logo sewed on. As much as I wanted to make this mine, I wasn’t prepared to pay £90. If you’re looking for a cheap shopping destination New Zealand is not your place.


In the afternoon I went to the Christchurch Art Gallery. With its free entry, there was a varied amount of art on display though one of the rooms only contained a race motorbike. Not sure where this placed in the art world, but it looked pretty cool I guess.

This morning I hopped on a bus and made my two and a half hour journey to Akaroa. My reason for making the trip? To see some Hector Dolphins!

I have a boat trip booked to take me around the island, hopefully seeing the smallest a rarest breed of Dolphin that are only found in this part of New Zealand. Penguins and whales are also found here, so it’ll be great if I was able to see a few.


This time I will be triple checking that my camera batteries are in the camera. I already have them fully charged.

The bus trip was quite the surprise. I booked it through Inner City, the big coach that got me from Rotorua to Wellington, so I was expecting something of the same. What showed up was a small bus connected to a luggage carrier at the back. There was me and 11 other people on board and for the whole two and a half hour journey the driver treated us to a running commentary rolling off facts of Christchurch, New Zealand’s history and tips on what to do in Akaroa.

The commentary was more entertaining than I thought once the driver first started and I actually learnt one or two things which is never a bad thing. Especially in my case.


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