Frodo, don’t wear the ring…I know it’s very tempting

I’m going to give you a little insight into the life of Matt.

He wakes up in the morning wondering what to do for the day. He then thinks about the places he wants to visit whilst in Wellington, New Zealand and the thought hits him harder than a Francois Beauchemin open ice hit (of course I had to throw an ice hockey related remark in there somehow).

Let’s hike up to Mt Victoria. A mountain 643ft high. Easy. The 360 degree view overlooking Wellington will be totally worth it.

He takes a look at the weather app on his iPhone and it predicts strong wind. ‘At least it’s not raining,’ he thinks. He puts his camera batteries on charge and then jumps in the shower. After giving it his all singing 30 Second to Mars’ ‘The Kill’, it takes him a short while to put his camo designed trousers on with a black Real Friends band t-shirt and slips on his ‘running’ trainers.


He puts his phone in his pocket, headphones in both ears, camera and a bottle of water in his bag and he’s set. Out the door he goes.

Now let’s pause here. I’ll give you 10 seconds to have a think about what I possibly did wrong in what just happened….

So after getting a little lost walking towards Mt Victoria I managed to find a path that lead into the green woods that was Mt Victoria. A few scenes from Lord of the Rings were filmed here, so I now had Flight of the Conchords ‘Frodo, Don’t Wear the Ring’ parody stuck in my head as I pretended to be Frodo Baggins. Yes, I am this cool.


As I start taking my photo’s of my walk up the mountain I notice my phones battery is down to 32%. Mistake number 1, always make sure your phone is fully charged before leaving the house.

“That’s OK” I think to myself, “at least I have my bridge camera for when I get to the lookout at the top…”

I trek. I walk up every steep hill, fighting off the hard hitting cold wind. The force of the wind that was fighting against me made each hill more of a challenge to overcome. Mistake number 2. When your weather app tells you it’s going to be windy as fuck, don’t decide to climb a very high mountain.

I finally make it to the top and my word, what a view. Laid out in front of me much like a painting was the varied designed buildings that Wellington has to offer. Since being here I love that the city has its own sense of uniqueness. No street is the same, as each shop, cafe, museum, library, you name it, has its own special touch to contribute to its surroundings.


In my view from top of the mountain was also the ocean. As blue as the peanut M&M that currently sits on the table in front of me. It’s amazing that you get a beach, a mountain and the city streets all within a walk away from each other.

Here’s where I learned about mistake number 3 that I made. As I take my camera out of my bag, I have trouble turning it on. ‘Why isn’t it working?’ I think to myself.

And then it happened. The flashback of what I did before I left.

I gingerly open the part where you insert the batteries to confirm my nervous suspicions. I had left the batteries charging back in my room.

*palm meet forehead*

I start snapping away on my phone trying to get as many shots as I can with the battery that now has less than 20% on it.


Since being at Wellington I’ve also had the chance to visit Te Papa, the museum of New Zealand. Everything is spread over 6 floors and I was shocked to find out that it’s free entry. The museum covered everything from ‘Awesome Forces’ (an area that allows you to experience the powerful geological forces that have shaped New Zealand) to Arts Te Papa (an area where you can discover the national art collection).

To be able to hold in all the information you learn from a trip there is impossible. If you go to one museum during your time in New Zealand then make sure it’s this one. Everything you need to know/learn about New Zealand is all under the dazzling roof and is portrayed in so many good ways throughout the museum.


There’s even an Earthquake House where you can experience what being in an earthquake is really like.

The evening before I met up with the George and Lauren, the couple I met from my hostel in Auckland, who are from Preston, not Manchester as I previously mentioned. Ooops. We sampled the Wellington nightlife and ended up in a bar down Cuba Street, a road that is filled with bars, restaurants and all sorts of entertainment.

The bar we spent the evening at had a decent selection of drinks and live music, something I’ve missed since being in New Zealand. The artist was a little hit and miss with his songs, but still, it was nice to listen to some live music. Plus I had a glass of cider in my hand so all was good.


There’s a nice vibe you get throughout Wellington. To be honest it was how I expected Auckland to be, a buzzing city that offered a vast amount of entertainment and somewhere you can meet a lot of locals. Whilst there was a lot of things to do in Auckland, the main streets seemed like they were adapted to suit all the foreign holiday goers who wanted a place to party throughout the night.

Wellington has that, but also a whole lot more that also seems a lot more pleasurable for you and the locals.


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