It’s been good Rotorua, now time to get to the capital!

So my time in Rotorua has come to an end.

If you ever find yourself touring New Zealand then I strongly recommend to stop by this little town. With so many geyser sights, natural parks, forests and caves to explore, it provides a great experience for all you naturists out there!


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to explore the caves that are lit up by glow worms or another one of the geothermal geysers due to them being a 6 hour ride and several bus journeys away that would have put a significant dent into my already dissolving wallet. If you are to visit Rotorua then I recommend you have a car to do so, as there are a few more sights like the caves that are a solid drive away.

What happens now I hear you asking?

Time to move on to the next town. And that town being…*cue drum roll please*……Wellington!


I’ll be heading to the capital tomorrow, an 8 hour road trip. Flicking through my Lonely Planet guide book I’m already looking forward to going to the Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum where the name itself translates to ‘container of treasures’ across 6 stories!

According to the guide the rebuilt city also boasts a lot of art deco architecture and Wellington is also the home of Mt Victoria, which requires you to climb 196m. Challenge accepted. Apparently Wellington is also known for its live music scene, something I’ve notice that New Zealand seem to lack.


From Wellington I’m also tempted to venture to the south island and spend a couple of days in Christchurch. The town has recently been rebuilt after a volcano erupted nearby a few years back. Near Christchurch is Aoraki/Mt Cook, which provides insanely impressive views of nature at its finest.


I would love to do a tour of the south island, but there is so much to see on both the south and the north that visiting the south island would be like seeing  whole different country. That means more money would need to be saved up. Even here in the north island I feel like I’ve only seen a small part of the entire island.

Sure they’re the most common parts, and the rest is mainly dedicated to the natural wonders of the country, but it’s those natural wonders that makes New Zealand a place not like any other.

P.S. Is it worth adding that I have my next tattoo idea?! 😀


*Side note: I have absolutely no idea what this pyramid of bikes is suppose to represent. Looked pretty cool though!




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