A little walk in the forest and making a decision on NZ

Fun fact about New Zealand #3: It’s impossible to find a decent hoodie that’s below $60 in Rotorua. Darn right impossible I tell yee!

The last couple of days have had me chillaxing…do people still say chillaxing these days?

Tuesday morning I decided to visit Redwood park to go on a little walk in the forest. It’s free of charge and a perfect way to walk off the gigantic burger I ate the night before. Seriously, if you pumped some steroids into a piece of meat it would look like this burger. It was extremely tasty and of course I ate the whole thing.

Redwood forest provide a number of routes you could follow ranging from 30 minute treks to one that predicts it would take 8 hours to complete. The black bold arrow to signify the 8 hour trek was enough to scream danger to me.


I decided on one that stated it takes 2 hours. This was plenty of time for me to build up a little sweat. What it didn’t worn me though was that about and hour and a half of it was going up inclined hills. By the end of it my thighs started to replicate that steroid injected burger.

I started to feel good with myself that I was taking on these hills like a true champ. I encountered two women on my way that looked as though they could have been in their 60’s. Locals that may take the short 30 or 60 minute walks to stay fit and start their day off. I walked by an entrance of some sort that carried working its way up, with that intimidating black arrow pointing that way. My green arrow told me to take a left turn.

As I walked past the two older ladies, giving them a smile to return theirs, I looked back. Back on to seeing them take the entrance for the black arrow, the 8 hour walk. I thought maybe they would realise they have gone the wrong way until I heard one of them say to the other, “that’s it, it’s the black arrow we are following.”

I no longer felt proud of myself for doing my two hour walk.


Fun fact about New Zealand #4: This one is for you rugby fanatics out there. The New Zealand team wear the silver fern on their jersey because when they are laying on the ground amongst the other leafs, their white colour makes them stand out in the darkness. Maori tribes would leave a trial of these ferns to direct other tribe members through the forest.

The following day I took a walk about the town centre to take a ganders at the little roads that are slightly away from the main parts. This was followed by a trip to the cafe to buy the mega meal that was french toast with bacon, maple syrup and fried banana. Needless to say I was in food heaven.


I’ve came to the conclusion that New Zealand is an expensive place. I was expecting Auckland to be pricey, but parts of Rotorua require you to break open your bank account too. But with Rotorua you do get places that aren’t as expensive, you’ve just got to find them.

Once in the cafe I continued with my hipster ways by placing my Chromebook on the table and taking full advantage of the free wifi. A rare moment happened where I decided to be all adult like and work out how much money I was left with.

Hence why the past few days have been ‘chill out days.’


Throughout my time here I’ve been applying to jobs, still unsure of what I really want to do. My phone hasn’t rung once and when checking my emails I saw that I had a bunch of those annoying ‘thank you for your application, however you have been unsuccessful’ emails.

Between checking my funds and seeing these emails I think I’ve decided to visit a few more places before returning home. Don’t get me wrong, these past weeks I have LOVED New Zealand, the sights, the people, the culture, it can really take your breath away. I just haven’t had that ‘I really want to stay and live here’ feeling.

With the money I have remaining, I would much rather travel to more places here in New Zealand than settle down in one place looking for work, hoping I find somewhere before the money disappears.


I feel guilty for saying this. After all, the plan was to stay here for the year. It’s hard to describe the feeling, I just haven’t had that passionate moment where I’ve arrived at a place wanting to call it home. I also feel like I needed to save up more money after discovering that finding employment in New Zealand is a lot more challenging that it was made out to be.

Maybe I’ve been spoilt by what London offers or maybe I feel like I miss my family and friends too much. I hope they don’t think I’m a massive failure! I feel like I would rather return home and save up money to visit other places, other countries, rather than commit to a year or two migrating to a new place by myself.

Let’s hope they haven’t enjoyed life without me too much to be disappointed with seeing me return.

*Laughs nervously*


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