It’s chill time in NZ

I learnt something interesting today from a local. That being what the word JAFA means. I’ve seen it come up and few times and just thought me not knowing was me having a ‘Matt moment.’

As it turns out JAFA stands for Just Another Fucking Aucklander.  There’s also an alternative known as JAFFA meaning Just Another Fuckwit From Auckland.

I knew kiwi’s weren’t so keen on living in Auckland but it turns out there’s some stronger feeling towards those that do. Well you learn something new every day.


The past two days I’ve decided to take it easy. My Fitbit informs me that I’ve been doing over 20,000 steps every day since I arrived here in Auckland, so I thought I’d give my poor feet a rest as they’re going to be undergoing a lot more steps within the next week.

Due to the fact that it was, please excuse my french, *beeping* cold as *beep* yesterday I decided to watch a movie. To my delight Sausage Party was recently released, an animated movie written by Seth Rogan and included the voices of comedic buddies Michael Cera, James Franco, Jonah Hill and Bill Hader to name a few.

The movie provide a few laughs throughout but it goes a little stale towards the end. Not even the orgy between every fruit, vegetable, liquid and whatever else is sold in a supermarket could save the movie from being slightly better than average. And yes, that scene is as weird as it sounds.

I may be tempted to do a review of the movie at some point, but for now it shall get 6/10 on my IMDB account.


With the wish that the sun made an appearance once I left the cinema, only left me with disappointment. I decided to have a guilty fat boy lunch from Burger King and go for a walk. I stumbled across the Auckland Library, so me being the book addict that I am decide to take a ganders.

The three floors were big and to my liking there was a quite a lot of choice in the manga section. After a quick browse I then decided to take a seat in a rounded padded chair that was more comfortable than it looked, whip out my Chromebook and do a little job searching. After all, as much as I would like it to my bank account doesn’t have a bottomless pit of money.


Since I will be leaving Auckland tomorrow to explore Rotorua, I searched Indeed for jobs in that area. The first job I stumbled on was an assistant manager position at a store named Hallesteins, one that I took a liking to when walking down Queen Street. Assistant manager? Me? Why the heck not?


I applied.

I was on a job searching mission from that moment. I only applied to one other that I found, but it was good to get an idea of what areas in New Zealand had what specific type of job. I’m still undecided to what I really want to do to be honest. A big part of me just wants to see as much of New Zealand as possible. I haven’t quite had that “OMG I want to stay here for as long as I can!” feeling.

Today I was due for a 9am meeting to sort out a bank account. It’s free to set up, so I thought should I find a job and decide to stay for a while it’ll be good to have one. After, I decided to take a walk through Auckland Domain, a huge park.


It was a brisk morning and a part of me debated whether to purchase a woolly hat with the other part of me. The other part won, therefore I settled with putting my hood up to cover my ears that were gradually becoming icicles. It was a lovely park and much like many other places in Auckland, very peaceful.

Once I got to the other end I decided to check out an area called Newmarket. It was a little similar Ponsonby but about half the size. I decided to go in a cafe known as The Coffee Shop hoping that they also sold hot chocolate. They did. A smile came across my face. I made myself cosy in the corner and decided to sketch whilst I sipped on a delicious cup of coco.

I walked up and down the road, popped in a few shops to have a little look and then walked back. Somehow, I have no idea how, a chicken and bacon Subway appeared in my hands. A footlong at that. It’s as if I took a detour and exchanged money for it. Fancy that.

The day got a little warmer once the sun eventually appeared, so I sat in Auckland Domain munching on my sub whilst I read my book. I was hoping by buying a footlong, oh crap…I mean…by miraculously finding a footlong sub in hands, it would feel me up so I wasn’t too hungry in the evening. It is now 4.28pm and my stomach is talking to me.

I’m thinking McDonads.

Shhh don’t tell anyone.


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